FOR TICKET PRICES – see “VISITOR INFO” – “Ticket Prices”.  For safety reasons, we are not allowed to carry unaccompanied children on our trains.

BOIVR operating days: Please be aware that there has been flooding in the valley and trains may have to be cancelled at short notice. The cycleway is flooded between Kawakawa and Taumarere.  Trains run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, departing from Kawakawa at 10am, 12 noon, 2pm for a 1½ hour return trip. There is no need to book. 

Our timetable includes a cycle-train as a temporary link to join the Twin Coast Cycleway (Pou Herenga Tai) between Taumarere and Lone Cow in the Te Akeake area. This is a koha gold coin ‘Cycle-Train’ service.  (It is suggested that cyclists check Cycle Trail information for the latest news on the trail condition following the recent weather events) 

For a longer trip, trains depart from Kawakawa at 10am, 12 noon, 2pm.  They stop at Taumarere Station (to pick up bikers/walkers) and finish at Lone Cow / Akeake Station located at the halfway point between Kawakawa to Opua. The returning train will also stop at Taumarere before completing the trip at Kawakawa. It will take about 1½ hours for the full return trip to Kawakawa. 

Please see “Fares”, and “What’s Happening” for latest information about the days we are operating. 

Times of departure – on operating days: 

Outward journey – leaving Kawakawa:

Kawakawa Departs Taumarere Arrives Taumarare Departs Lone Cow / Akeake Arrives
10.00 am 10.15am 10.25am 10.40am
12 noon 12.15pm 12.25pm 12.40pm
  2.00pm   2.15pm   2.25pm   2.40pm


Inward journey – returning to Kawakawa:

Lone Cow / Akeake Departs Taumarere Arrives Taumarare Departs Kawakawa Arrives
10.50 am 11.05am 11.15am 11.30am
12.50 pm   1.05pm   1.15pm   1.30pm
  2.50pm   3.05pm   3.15pm   3 30pm


Return trip takes about hour 30 minutes.

It is advisable to arrive at the station about 10-15 minutes prior to departure to give time to purchase tickets from the station shop.

* Special train trips (those outside the operational day/times above) can be run by arrangement.

To book: phone either 09-404-0684 or 021-171-2697 ,  or email:

See “What’s Happening” for the current situation:

Long Bridge  – for their safety, cyclists and walkers are not permitted to cross this railway bridge nor use the trackbed between Taumarere to Lone Cow station as the embankments are narrow and steep, so there is no room to escape from the path of a train. However you may use our picnic tables at Taumarere Railway station.

Engines to be seen

Gabriel the Steam Engine – is now undergoing steam and pressure tests before being used on the track to haul passenger trains again. Watch this space for more news after Christmas for the New Year 2023 ….

Our vintage diesel engines are taking turns to haul carriages. You may see Timmy, Ruby, Charlie, DSA225, Esmae and our newest addition – Kauri. But which one will be on duty?!

Kauri is our new red loco – DSA273 – which has been kindly donated to BOIVR from Fonterra.