Cyclists on the train and the Twin Coast Cycle Trail

The east-west Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycleway between Opua and Horeke on the Hokianga was opened for Christmas 2016. However, the section between Kawakawa and Opua was a temporary arrangement in order to put this Cycleway in place as quickly as possible. This temporary section is now being made permanent.

The Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycleway Trail now permanently runs alongside our railway line between Kawakawa and Taumarere Railway Stations.

At this time, there is a gap of about 3km in the section between Taumarere and Lone Cow / Te Akeake Stations which is being linked by our trains running 3 times daily every weekend all year, and additional days in school/public holidays. By using the “Cycle-Train” link, cyclists may continue to Opua – see “Visitor Info” for details about times and fares. Our open carriage Weka has fixings for 24 bikes, which are carried free for our passengers.

The remaining Cycleway section from Lone Cow / Te Akeake to Opua is open.  The permanent Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycleway structure is to be built between Taumarere and Opua.

An alternative road 17.7 km route known as the Opua Whangae Road Trail is for adult cyclists with good experience between Opua and Kawakawa bringing cyclists to Te Hononga Civic Centre, Kawakawa.


The public are reminded that they must not use any railway track or bridges at any time – please use the designated Cycle Trail for your own safety.

Please give way to all rail traffic and stay safe by stopping and waiting away from the tracks, and obeying signals from the Guard or Engine crew.

The cycle trail runs over the railway tunnel 80 metres long. The tunnel is closed at present – please do not attempt to travel through it. Please use the track going over the top, thank you.

The railway bridge, called “Long Bridge”, at Taumarere, has been re-piled. All 33 piers/abutments have been completed. However, at present this bridge is shut without public access. By using trains, we are now able to cross it and rejoin the cycleway “gap”.

The cycleway is the responsibility of FNDC – please see the Council website and Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycleway Trail website for further information.

See also our News section for the latest information about the Railway.