Kauri landed – introducing our new DSA273 loco

Kauri has landed! DSA273 to be known as Kauri, has been kindly donated to BOIVRT by Fonterra arrived in beautiful, but chilly, weather in Kawakawa on 1st July 2021.
She was hoisted up and off the low loader by a massive crane, and carefully placed on BOIVR tracks at about 10am.
What a beautiful loco!
Checks were made, and our driver’s familiarised with Kauri’s controls and now she is taking a turn at haul our passenger trains. Perhaps you’ll meet her when you visit …
Going up! Leaving the low loader                                            Plaque going in the cab
Formal hand over of DSA273
by Tony Williams, Fonterra  (centre)
to Sue Hamnett, Chair of BOIVR Trust,  and
Frank Leadley, Chair of  Northland Adventure Experience (NAX)
Frits Schouten, BOIVR Diesel Supervisor                                                                          DSA225 and Ruby with new DSA273 Kauri
Kauri, at her new home Kawakawa Railway Station;                                                          Kauri’s Cab
Fonterra staff, BOIVR Trust and Volunteers happy that Kauri has arrived safely