We are a volunteer-run railway – can you help us?

We are a volunteer – run railway, and you can now join us in a huge range of opportunities … We are able to “train” you into any of them. If you’re looking for paid work eventually, we could give you good references as you network with us.


Are you good with people? It’s great to meet so many interesting people from around the world – and we’re in just the right place to do it! If you’re interested in retail and would like to work in our shop – ring Glenys 021-757-105

Are you good with your hands – wood work, metal work, painting, etc – join our team in the workshop – ring Mike, Gavin, Denis – 09-404-0684

Fancy getting out on the track – track workers needed. Speak to Mike or Stu – 09-404-0684

Are you a truck driver? If so, you’ve a head start to being a diesel engine driver – ring Mike – 09-404-0684

Could you help on the trains and be a guard?  For this you need to be fit and enjoy meeting people – ring Denis or Anne – 09-404-0684

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