Have you lost a bracelet or an ear-ring?

On Monday 6th February (Waitangi Day) a bracelet was found at the station. Please contact us if this might be yours.


On Thursday 2nd February, as we returned with the first train of the day to Kawakawa Station, one of the children aboard found this single beautiful ear-ring. It did not belong to anyone there. Have you lost it, or know anyone that has? Please message us so we can return it. We believe the lady wearing it may have had a matching necklace.

As we sweep the carriages out after every day’s runs, we are pretty confident this ear-ring was lost on Wednesday 1st. It would be great to return it and the bracelet to their owners.

2017.02.03 002Ear-6-7 Feb 2017 005 -closeupring found … Is it yours?