Gabriel has run out of steam – please donate – every dollar counts

We are busy fundraising to replace Gabriel’s 90 year old boiler which cannot be used any longer due to thinning of the metal.
We have had a quote for $85,000, just for a new boiler which with parts and cranage will amount to $100,00 total (BIG GULP) …
This seems to be an impossibly large amount, but we believe we can do it with a little help from our friends and supporters ….
We ask that you help by spreading the news to at least 2 other sets of people you know, requesting that they do likewise – spreading the news worldwide ….
We have about 10,000 people following our railway exploits on Facebook … so if we spread the news further afield, and every one helps with a few dollars each ….
we can do it, we can do it, we can do it …  !!
Gabriel is the only side-tank steam engine of her type in the world. She is the first engine in the world to work on the 1st January 2000, and the last engine to haul a train over the longest curved wooden bridge in the Southern Hemisphere.
We have just set up a Givealittle page for this fundraising effort.
Our Organisation page is: Bay of Islands Vintage Railway
Please click on this link below if you would like to donate a little something to help:

Alternatively online – direct bank to

BOI Vintage Railway (special project) – Kiwibank account: 38-9000-0553140-19
Please use your surname & Gabriel Boiler as reference
Cheques to: BOIVR (boiler), PO Box 142, Kawakawa, 0243
Please also forward this message to anyone you know so that we can network as far afield as possible.
Extra, extra – our fantastic future ….
We want to ensure that everyone knows about the following:-
  • our intention to extend the line to run trains to Opua within 2 years!
  • our intention to be able to use our trains to provide employment!
  • our intention to re-invest into our local Community & benefit young people!
More information:
At present our trains are run by a gallant band of cheerful volunteers, but when running to Opua we intend to be able to employ folk – so “trained” volunteers in place now will be in first place for the paid jobs! (Perhaps you know people who can volunteer to help us run trains, do some maintenance, help run our shop, or clean the carriages to keep us on the tracks, now?)
At this point, once salaries and maintenance of trains, rolling stock, track and buildings have been deducted, the excess will be put into a special Charitable Trust Fund to re-invest into the local Community – especially to benefit our local young people:-
  • Grants will provide opportunities for further education and for skills development, especially for local young people
  • It will be the only Trust Fund of its type in the Far North region.

We need your help to spread the news 

  • Gabriel our star steam engine is in pieces. We need a new boiler to get her back chuffing along our tracks
  • we want to succeed in taking trains to Opua to help our Community
With your help we can get Gabriel back onto the tracks very soon.
Thanking you so much in anticipation