Diesel Engines



Name: Charlie; Number 2730

Built:  1967, at Burton-on-Trent, UK

Type:  0-6-0; fitted with a Gardner 6LW motor.


Previous history: 1954-1986 NZR service; 1986-1994 Steam Inc; 1994 BOIVR.

Comment: On loan from Graham Winterbourne. Currently being used to haul equipment, etc, for upgrade of the line.








Name: Freddie; Number 184

Built: 1958, A & G Price from Thames, NZ; 15 tons

Type:  0-4-0; fitted with a Gardner 6LW engine, 120 hp

Source: Supplied to Glen Afton coal mine, Huntly, and later to the NZ Dairy Group; obtained 1986

Comment: Named after Friedensreich Hundertwasser a former benefactor to and Patron of the Railway. Usually pulls passenger trains, but currently requiring engine overhaul in the workshop.





Name: Ruby; number 3659



Built: 1973Baguely-Drewery from Burton-on-Trent, UK

Type:  0-4-0; powered by a Cummins 220 motor, 212 hp

Source: 1973 – 2006 owned by AFFCO at Moerewa

Comment: Bought it by anonymous female supporter from TradeMe with the stipulation that she is painted red and named Ruby. Currently her double torque converter needs attention in the workshop.






Name: Sweetie; number 1137


Built: 1896, at Avonside Engine Co, NZR Addington locomotive works.

Type:  originally 0-6-2 as a Fa 9 class steam engine; now 0-6-0

Source: then sold to AFFCO Freezing works

Previous history: 1896 – c1944 NZR; acquired by AFFCO Horotiu; when the steam boiler failed in 1952 AFFCO Moerewa, converted to 0-6-0 diesel; acquired 1994 from AFFCO Freezing works.

Comment: Currently has no motor or other essentials & used as an advertisement


















Name: Timmy; TR 661, number 187timmy

Built: 1959, A & G Price; 20 tons

Type:  0-4-0; powered by Gardner 6L3, 152 hp engine

Class: Tr 163

Previous history: came from Otahuhu workshops arrived Sept 2012

Comment: named after the owner Tim Edney. On permanent loan; currently being used to haul passenger trains on the line.