Diesel Engines



Name: Charlie; Number 2730

Built:  1967, at Burton-on-Trent, UK

Type:  0-6-0; fitted with a Gardner 6LW motor.


Previous history: 1954-1986 NZR service; 1986-1994 Steam Inc; 1994 BOIVR.

Comment: On loan from Graham Winterbourne. Currently being used to haul equipment, etc, for upgrade of the line.








Name: Freddie; Number 184

Built: 1958, A & G Price from Thames, NZ; 15 tons

Type:  0-4-0; fitted with a Gardner 6LW engine, 120 hp

Source: Supplied to Glen Afton coal mine, Huntly, and later to the NZ Dairy Group; obtained 1986

Comment: Named after Friedensreich Hundertwasser a former benefactor to and Patron of the Railway. Usually pulls passenger trains, but currently requiring engine overhaul in the workshop.





Name: Ruby; number 3659



Built: 1973Baguely-Drewery from Burton-on-Trent, UK

Type:  0-4-0; powered by a Cummins 220 motor, 212 hp

Source: 1973 – 2006 owned by AFFCO at Moerewa

Comment: Bought it by anonymous female supporter from TradeMe with the stipulation that she is painted red and named Ruby. Currently her double torque converter needs attention in the workshop.






Name: Sweetie; number 1137


Built: 1896, at Avonside Engine Co, NZR Addington locomotive works.

Type:  originally 0-6-2 as a Fa 9 class steam engine; now 0-6-0

Source: then sold to AFFCO Freezing works

Previous history: 1896 – c1944 NZR; acquired by AFFCO Horotiu; when the steam boiler failed in 1952 AFFCO Moerewa, converted to 0-6-0 diesel; acquired 1994 from AFFCO Freezing works.

Comment: Currently has no motor or other essentials & used as an advertisement
















Name: Timmy; TR 661, number 187timmy

Built: 1959, A & G Price; 20 tons

Type:  0-4-0; powered by Gardner 6L3, 152 hp engine

Class: Tr 163

Previous history: came from Otahuhu workshops arrived Sept 2012

Comment: named after the owner Tim Edney. On permanent loan; currently being used to haul passenger trains on the line.



Name: number 225, TMS number 305

Built: March 1954, Drewry,

Type:  0-6-0

Previous history: Built by the Vulcan Foundry of English Electric for the Drewry Car Company. Weighed 29.5 tons and were powered by a Gardner 8L3 diesel engine, producing 204 hp. The driving wheels were 39¾”, the same size as that of the DS class. All DSA class entered service between November 1953 and June 1954, and were based mostly in the North Island. Visually, the Drewry DSA was very similar to the earlier DS class, although the upper half of the cab tapered inwards as opposed to the straight-sided cab of the DS. Most retained their original red livery to the end of their service with NZR. 225 worked mainly at Taumarunui, in Central North Island, was withdrawn August 1986, and preserved at Cable Bay.

Comment: Moved to BOIVR on 18th July, 2017 and intended to work pulling passenger trains for BOIVR